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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins This book is extremely hard to put down, it was a perfect choice for a read-a-thon book because it was so engaging and addictive. The action packed writing style kept the pages turning, with just enough description to really suck the reader in but not enough to make the violent scenes into a crazy, sadistic bloodbath.

Not only are the main characters likable and well written but also the secondary characters which is a welcome change. I have not read many books that have made me feel so connected to the feelings and reactions of the minor characters, it really made the story all the more intriguing.
The relationships of the characters were realistic and at times heartbreaking as friendships and alliances are forged only to inevitably be broken as the games progress. Trust, loyalty and friendship are major themes.

Be warned though, this book is not for younger readers or the faint of heart, the whole concept of teenagers murdering each other (forced or not) is not going to be everyone cup of tea. It is a violent book, but it is not gory.

Suspenseful and intense, this book leaves you hungry for the next one in the series.