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Tempest  - Julie Cross I really wanted to love this book and I am certain there are a lot of people out there that will love it.

It took me longer than I would have liked to finish this book. I picked it up because I loved the concept behind the book, but I ultimately found the way it was written to be confusing and at time frustrating, this may have something to do with my bad habit of never reading chapter titles.
The action starts very early into the book, which isn't a bad thing, but I felt it lacked the initial 'getting to know you' stage and as a result I found it difficult to relate to or care about the characters.
Despite all that there were some action fuelled scenes that were well placed and managed to keep me turning the pages long enough to finish the book.
Will I read the sequel? Maybe. I am interested to find out more about the mysterious red-headed little girl.