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Man Drought - Rachael Johns It is impossible not to fall in love with the characters in this book. Imogen and Gibson are so determined and passionate, making it impossible for them not to lock horns, but they are also in their own ways slightly damaged which makes it impossible not not to feel their pain.
Although Gibson's grandfather Charlie, was my favourite character. Charlie is just the right mixture of sweet and stubborn, and he really brings the story together.

Rachael's writing style paints a perfect picture of country WA, for me it brought back memories of times spent on the farms of my friends, I could really picture dusty paddocks and smell the gum trees and sheep. Man Drought reminded me that despite my suburban upbringing I am really a country girl at heart, and the love of the country really does run in my genes.

Overall Man drought is a touching and heartfelt story of love, loyalty and community spirit. Easy to read and delightful, a great holiday read.